Host of the Musician's Pass Podcast

Meet the hose of our little home sweet home Podcast. Lyrizone is a musician, avid gamer as well as you guessed it, A PODCAST HOST!  He specializes in bringing raw emotion and vulnerability within his work & delivering a sentiment of honesty. 


Joshua Holland

Sound Engineer

Owner of Greenlight Studios

Meet our sound guy and the one responsible for making you not want to put a screwdriver through your ears due to harsh sounds and irritating podcast audio quality. He has put forth many years of experience both as a musician in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes. 


Alex Ames

Photographer & Video Production Specialist 

Meet our videographer and photographer, Alex! Alex has a talent for capturing moments with a camera that would leave you asking, "Is This Guy Da Film Gawd?" At least that is what we think. He is the one behind the scenes that helps provide the visuals for our episodes on youtube! 


The Musician's Pass Podcast is a podcast platform created by the musician himself, Lyrizone.  By its core structure, Lyrizone wanted to give back to his peers and audience through education and vulnerability with episodes pertaining to all genres and individuals with vast skill sets and backgrounds. He's interviewed talents such as Devin Kash, Notebook of Contempt, Joshua Holland, and many more.


Feel free to check out below what this podcast has to offer!