Series 2 Now Includes 

HorrorcoreWiki Presents - Horrorcore Trading Cards: Series 2.
Cards are printed on both sides with UV gloss coating applied to both. They are printed on 16PT card stock and measure 2.5" x 3.5".
All card designs have been approved by the artists featured and are custom/one of a kind designs to and
There are 11 cards in total in the entire "series" and ALL who order this item will receive all 11 cards.
Quantities are limited.


Feature Rates

Let's Create A Hit


Exclusive Verse

Have Lyrizone deliver a unique an powerful 16 bar feature to your track! Allow us to paint a vivid picture with his mind!


Exclusive Chorus

Have Lyrizone deliver a harmony that would bring the song to life! ALMOST LITERALLY! Brace yourself!


Exclusive Verse and Chorus

Have Lyrizone really put his mind to work an deliver you a musical cocktail of emotions by the only way he sees how. This is a in house special as we make sure the quality and performance is that of a huge feature. Especially when you trust us to do a huge part!




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